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Reviews by Napkin

  • Oceanus  
    • Hands down, best quality:price out there.
  • Bliss House  
    • Probably some of the most unique and best tasting on-the-go sandwiches. I'm used to the one on Bliss street. Personally I love their food, especially when you're very hungry and in a hurry or when you feel like very very late at night snack... Great prices compared to what they offer.
  • T-marbouta  
    • Love the place, very laid back, nice people, nice atmosphere, good service. The kind of place I go to with friends just to have a bite and maybe a drink in the evening. Definitely a place to visit, it's not your everyday bar/lounge/restaurant... don't know what to call it.
  • Roadster Diner  
    • Roadster is simply PERFECT!!!!!! Taste, prices, protion, variety in menus, service, cleanliness, customer service, parking are all excellent, I go there at least once a week. Even though Roadster has found an incomparable success among the Lebanese population, it managed to maintain its core values, even after expanding aaannnnd... it's still only in Lebanon. Please keep up the great work Roadster, they really earned their customers' loyalty and respect, they honestly deserve it. One last thing i have to stress again about the impeccable hygiene in these restaurants, chapeau!
  • Zaatar w Zeit  
    • Once upon a time, ZWZ used to be my favorite place, awesome food at great prices... I don't know what happened but i haven't eaten in a ZWZ for 4 yrs now, menus have changed, portions have gotten smaller, prices got higher. Even the food I once craved at any time of the day became more tasteless... I reallyyyy was disappointed. ZWZ has become like any other international food chain, mediocre but convenient food at somewhat still acceptable prices. I guess a lot of people still like going there be it in Lebanon, dubai or anywhere, but I'm sure they didn't know this place when it first opened.