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  • Balima  
    • I like to go to this place as it is nice to sit in the center of Saifi. However, it is a bit expensive compared to what you can get and he is often out of stock of what you choose on his menu.
  • The Original Car Wash Cafe  
    • I like this restaurant because I can clean the car and eat. They changed the menu and the food is better, however they used to have a tiramisu with strawberries but they don't anymore. I had an issue with my tiramisu, the manager and the waiter apologized several times and they didn't make us pay both deserts, which i found was a great gesture.
  • Twin Box  
    • I like the food and like how they present it! great idea for snacks or a quick lunch after shopping.
  • Stop & Shop  
    • If u shop for food, try out the soujouk with pistaches!! it was very good. Also the restaurant Delicatesse opened!
  • Mon Maki a Moi  
    • Very nice place. Nathalie one of the owners is very friendly. The chefs prepare the food in front of you. It is fresh. The service is good. The food too. The Wasabi should be a bit stronger. Great place.
  • Socrate  
    • I love the food at Socrate. I usually order their plat dur jour and on several occasions used their catering service. Great food.
  • Burgundy  
    • I went there to buy a bottle of wine as a gift. The person advising me was very helpful. They try to bring different French wines than the ones we can often find in Lebanon (Wine from Bourgogne etc...)
  • Oceanus  
    • I was really disappointed by this restaurant. Heard so much about how good it is. Food was not that exceptional. Service was really bad. Too busy. Not enough people to handle service + delivery etc... people who were taking to go were not happy either.
  • Margherita  
    • Best pizza I tasted in Lebanon, but restaurant too small and too crowded.
  • Classic Burger Joint  
    • I would give it 5 stars just because it is a non smoking restaurant + the service in Jal el Dib is great, the food is good too.
  • Green Carrot Saladworks  
    • I am happy to see this kind of restaurant opening in Lebanon. I actually thought of opening one myself as I used to love these when I lived in Paris. Well done!
  • Bay Rock Café  
    • I like the view from this restaurant + the food is ok.
  • O & C  
    • The service is the worst I have ever experienced. The food came 1h15 minutes late. We weren't hungry anymore! They barely apologized and didn't even did a discount on the bill. We should have left without paying.
      The market below is good. The restaurant never go there. The food isn't worth to be treated like this!
  • Souccaria  
    • Love the restaurant and the decor but sometimes the service is bad. Last time we went there, two of the orders were wrong, we waited a lot to get the menus etc....
  • Casper & Gambini's  
    • I liked the food a lot but feel that prices are sometimes too exagerated for certain dishes!!!
  • Zaatar w Zeit  
    • Love hallumi bacon + chicken bi3ajine but a bit less the fattouche!
      The food is great but service is sometimes bad.
  • Abdel Wahab  
    • Loved the restaurant, decor, and the food! the meat was excellent. Didn't feel like we were rushed to eat since it was iftar... so that they can do a second service.
      Great restaurant!!
  • Duo  
    • Love this restaurant. We go there often as it is next to our office. Welcoming and very nice salad bar. Always fresh.
  • Republic  
    • When this place opened, it was really great, now with the Arghilé and the noise it is sometimes hard to stay long. I love the decor and the toilets! Check out the sweet pizza with chocolate and banana!!!
  • Coffee Club  
    • We usually enjoy this restaurant a lot. It is spacious, with couches if we want to have coffee... tables outside if we want to be in the open air and a part in between... However, last time we had lunch there. there wasn't a lot of people so the food was not that fresh. I took a club sandwich but it wasn't good. The milk shake was very nice.
  • Jardins de Chine  
    • I returned to eat at Jardin de chine in 2010 after a long time and I found that it used to be much better.
  • Il Sorrentino  
    • I found this restaurant very nice, I took the was well cooked. However, the average age of the people in the restaurant was more in the 45/50 years old. In two words it is a nice restaurant with good food and nice decor but do not qualify as a top italian restaurant yet.