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Reviews by rania

  • Cozmo Cafe  
    • Went to the restaurant with friends, food was ok but the environment was fantastic. The service is excellent
  • Tawlet Ammiq  
    • Lovely and Exquisite environment in Ammiq. The food is very healthy. I recommend the batata bi kizbara, grilled vegetables and tomato homemade mraba.
  • Duo  
    • Duo now serves Sushi (Directly from Shogun Lounge). I love the blend between French and Japanese food. Lovely Experience
  • Borj el Hamam  
    • Burj el hamam, not the service we are used to... The food was cold, service was bad in movempick hotel.
  • Amarres  
    • Le coqueley is one of the best French restaurant in town. Delicious menu. But I did not like les Amarres inside sitting although they have the same menu. Le Couqley is cosy, staff are very friendly. I prefer le Couqley.
  • Seza  
    • Very tasty and cozy. The best Armenian restaurant in town.
  • Kampai  
    • One of the best in town. But a bit expensive.
  • Couqley  
    • I love this restaurant. The best french restaurant in beirut.
      I recommend it for all