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  • Souccaria  
    • My first visit to Souccaria was pleasant :) It's definitely a ' re-visit ' place :) !!

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  • The Chocolate Lounge  
    • I agree with your comment.. My visit was disapointing too !
      The salad and the burger tasted awful :s I couldn't eat the plate.. And the prices are so high !
      I too ordered a dessert. It wasnt bad, but it was sooo tiny ! I can eat 5 of those things ! lol

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  • Green Carrot Saladworks  
    • Well I tried Green Carrot 2 days ago. The idea of it is quite unique. But unfortunately the service is so bad! The waiter forgot that we ordered drinks, and when we reminded him, he got us some juice that we didnt order!
      Everytime I asked the waiter about the dish ingredients, he answered with a '' smile + i dont know ''.
      I ordered a salad, and 5 of the ingredients I ordered were missing! And those were the turkey, cheese, nachos, almonds and side brown bread!
      So, for me, it's a ' no visit again to green carrot '.

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