Hamra main street, old Hamra cinema.

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Brisk – Hamra

Natural Self-Served

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Hamra, Beirut


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Recommended menu: Quinoa salad Fresh Pasta salad Panini Caprese Salmon Baguette Granola Bar Pumpkin Cake Pumpkin Kebbe

Suitable for vegetarians. Serves alcohol.

Good to know

Smoke-free restaurant. Has a terrace. Recommended for friends.

Owner's Word

Description by Joanna

 Located in the old Hamra Cinema, Brisk is a café-restaurant that suits our modern lives. Pioneering the Healthy Fresh Fast Food, Brisk has a grab-and-go fridge where one can choose fresh daily made salads, sandwiches, 2 minute toastable paninis, dessert cups, fresh fruit, and beverages. There is also a quick hot menu, that includes a wide variety oh daily hot dishes just like home, and Soup. All the food is 100% natural, preservative and chemical free. Also is included organic ingredients and items. If you feel like sitting and having a coffee, or a business meeting, Brisk is the place to be. You can find a varied coffee & fresh squeezes menu, all made from 100 % freshly brewed natural coffee, along with homemade scrumptious deserts to go with. Adding to the freedom of the self-service, once finished, when it's time to throw the garbage, the trash bin is not like any other places in town, but it includes an environnemental friendly recycling initiative. Natural woodwork and Zen colors, plus their great food, and the non-smoking inside policy, Brisk is one of the greatest places to hang out.


Hamra main street, old Hamra cinema.

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12 Reviews

  • by Sherif   1 review, 10 helpful votes.
    Mar 27, 2011 at 18:55

    try the lentil soup, nice decoration lovely place.
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  • by Darine   1 review, 16 helpful votes.
    Nov 8, 2011 at 19:36

    The moment I entered the shop I was impressed that they serve organic food and have a waste recycling station. My big disappointment was when I got my food in a plastic container and was provided with plastic spoons and forks.
    Flash news: plastic serving hot food leaks a carcinogen into the food known as dioxin!!!! So practically food at brisk is not as healthy as promoted.
    Second, what's with the use of plastic ware??? Totally unenvironmentally friendly. What about using normal reusable products? At the end of the meal I headed toward the recycling station, another shock everything that is not organic goes into the same bin (even nonrecyclables).
    When I talked to the branch manager about how environmentally wrong the practices were and recommended (free of charge) ways for improvement, his reply was, well did you like the food? !!!
    Well it seems to me that he wasn't even listening. Guess what, even the food was not worth it.
    In general, brisk was a disappointing experience overall.
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    • Reply by Joanna,
      Dec 6, 2011 at 11:30

      Dear Darine,
      I am sorry for your disappointment and for the lack of response you got from our side, and I hope I am not replying late.
      Brisk is both Natural (100 % preservative free food) and Fast. To be prompt and fast, we are limited to serve food in disposable material instead of reusable.
      We tried our best to source biodegradable packaging material, but the Lebanese market lacks resources. However, we made sure to source recyclable packaging material, and we installed our recycling stations and all the packaging that goes inside goes to Sukomi, the sister company of Sukleen, that takes care of the recycling operation.
      As for the containers we use for hot dishes, we can guarantee that they sustain heat and are food grade and do not leak toxic material to food.
      You also raised an issue about our recycle bins, and you had suggestions to improve our environmental practices. We would love to hear what you have to say and we would like to apologize again for the lack of response you got . So if you don't mind, kindly send your contact details to brisk.cafe@gmail.com .
  • by Aziz   25 reviews, 159 helpful votes.
    Jan 26, 2012 at 14:45

    I simply love and adore this place ever since it opened.
    Yet i was terribly shocked to see Gloria Geans share its space!!
    It just was a sink down from that moment on. The crowd that the cafe attracted was nice... but A CAFE???!! SeRIOUSLY!!!??
    What made me stop going there was a very weird manager.... I complained to the cashier that my potato and leak soup was very salty, she called him and told him about my complaint... he gave me a really bad look and simply said.."well, this is how we make it". His attitude was very very bad and imporfessional. Even if the soup was flawless, and it was indeed very salty, and I claimed it was... he should have smiled and simply apologized closing the issue!!
    Its a shame.. I really loved that place.
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    • Reply by carlo,
      Jan 28, 2012 at 11:37

      Dear Aziz
      I am very sorry for what happened to you how can i contact you ?
    • Reply by Aziz,
      Feb 1, 2012 at 03:13

      I got I very Polite Call from Mr. Carlo, one of the owners of Brisk. He gave me a sincere apology for what happened at Brisk. He invited me to meet with him and talk about what had happened on my last visit to Brisk few months ago. I gladly went over and met Mr. Joseph who was very kind and polite. I was greeted with a big smile and I recieved and heart felt apology for what happened. They proved that they do have great respect towards their costumers and why do honestly aim to please.
      I was offered a free lunch, yet I have a golden rule never to accept free anything from any place I go to so that people wouldnt assume im being subjective at any point. I will definitely visit Brisk some other time and try their soap again, and if it was salty this time, I guess I know who to complain to this time. Hat's off for a good managment team!!
      I will write another review after my next visit to Brisk... Keep up the good work!
  • by Elias Awad   1 review, 3 helpful votes.
    Apr 26, 2012 at 09:37

    My love and addiction Lentil & Roasted Veggies betrayed me and suddenly changed composition. The balanced composition failed me in the last couple of days. Here is the altered composition which as a regular guest not willing to accommodate.
    1- Lentil: 75% in other words (Excessive)
    2- Chickpeas: Again excessive and undercooked
    3- Feta Cheese: 4 cubes
    4- Toasted Sweet Corn: Non existent
    5- Fine beans: 5 pieces
    6- Rocket leaves & mixed salad leaves: Very poor
    7- Roasted red pepper: 3 bites
    8- Dried Oregano: No complain
    Can you bring my love back please
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  • by tala   1 review, 2 helpful votes.
    Jul 12, 2012 at 15:17

    Today I ordered tomato soup and mozzarella pasta salad from Brisk at 12:55... 50 mins later I am left waiting for a simple and easy to prepare meal so at 1:45 I call Brisk. The lady informed me that since my order wasn't there it must be on its way. 20 mins after the previous call, I call back because surprisingly I didn't get my order. The lady apologized and said she'll call me back in 2 mins after she checks up with the driver.
    Again, 10 minutes pass and I didn't receive the call.
    So at 2:28 (an hour and a half after I placed my order) I canceled my order. The operator seemed happy I did.
    This said, right after I hung up and placed another order somewhere else, Brisk's delivery man walked in.
    Let me take this opportunity to advise the brisk team on how to handle such 'problems' or 'issues',
    1) Don't misplace someone's order.
    2) If #1 happens, and IF the customer calls again, remedy the problem with all haste (as such business rely on customer satisfaction and loyalty)
    3) If #1 happened and #2 didn't, then Brisk management should train their employees on key-telephone skills
    4) Brisk management should also choose employees with better problem solving skills; if the employee had noticed that my order wasn't place the second time I called, she could have managed to deliver it with the other order.
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  • by Souad   11 reviews, 19 helpful votes.
    Aug 8, 2012 at 10:38

    We visited Brisk for an Iftar. I loved their lentil and mushroom soups, the fattoush was good and main dishes were Ok. The Chocolate divine was really divine.
    My only suggestion is to create a job for cleaning up the tables instead of asking clients to clean up. It's a luxury that a restaurant in Lebanon can afford.
    Otherwise, I love their smoke free environment and their recycling initiative!
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  • by eissa   1 review, 1 helpful vote.
    Oct 8, 2013 at 09:55

    The food is superb especially the quinoa salad, lentils salad and seafood.
    You could feel the freshness.
    The combined ingredients are very well selected.
    Prices could be better.
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  • by Rami   3 reviews, 7 helpful votes.
    May 10, 2012 at 17:47

    I occasionally visit Brisk from time to time... Haven't tried much of the food, but I like their fresh juice! Now on the other hand, whenever I go there, there's this annoying girl (she doesn't work there, she's a customer) and she thinks she owns the place or something.

  • by K   3 reviews, 4 helpful votes.
    Mar 8, 2013 at 21:57

    Yummmmmmm, best soup and wraps ever. Fresh & tasty! I highly recommended it.
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Hamra main street, old Hamra cinema.

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