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Shukri al Asli street, Al Hayek sector, Achrafieh

+9611333226 http://www.fridacuisine.com/

Frida – Ashrafieh

Mix between Lebanese and Mexican Cuisines

3.80(25 votes)



Ashrafieh, Beirut


Between 25$ and 50$


Frida is nested in an old house at a lovely alley in Ashrafieh. The restaurant is calm and cozy. The division of the house into several rooms has been preserved, adding intimacy and charm to the place. A big terrace also welcomes guests especially Arguileh lovers. The musical ambiance is a nice blend between Latin and Arabic music.

Frida offers a mix of Lebanese and Mexican cuisines with average prices. During our visit, we opted for the Fusion/Mexican cuisine, we ordered Frida salad, mini fajitas, markouk Frida and some exotic grills. The salad was too sweet, it was like a dessert. The mini fajitas came in Saj bread, which was weird even if it’s fusion cuisine. The markouk was Ok. The quantity of the grills was small compared to the price, the meat didn’t taste like being marinated and the tomato sauce tasted tomato cans. All of this made me disappointed by the cuisine, but maybe their Lebanese specialties are better.

The service was friendly and fast.

If you have tried Frida, please share your experience with us.

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A mix of Lebanese and Mexican menus, with a lot of traditional dishes and some twisted ones.

Suitable for vegetarians. Serves alcohol.

Good to know

Has a terrace. Recommended for large groups, families and friends.



Shukri al Asli street, Al Hayek sector, Achrafieh

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4 Reviews

  • by Aziz   25 reviews, 159 helpful votes.
    Mar 3, 2012 at 00:41

    I called and made reservations, I arrived and I was greeted by a big smile. I was lead to a nice side corner table. I sat... and the trip began.
    Frida is one of the nicest places I've visited this year. The decor is fresh, warm, and inviting. The music is very relaxing and appropriate to the general mexican/arabic ambience of the place. Haneen singing to you and the menu between your hands makes you tingle even before you taste the food.
    The menu offers plenty of choices, yet sadly not much latino flavors were added. The dishes were too "Lebanese" for the place to stand out. I insisted on trying every plate which was the restaurant's speciality. The fish came creatively wrapped and cooked in vine leaves, very succulant with flavors bursting festively in your mouth. Yet what was supposed to be a mexican dish tasted a lot like the traditional "samke harra" dish with a different presentation. Maro'o Frida chicken wraps where just a new presentation of the traditional chicken and potato fries sandwiches with garlic. Frida's potatos were simply grilled potatoes with chedder cheese on top with a scoop of sour cream on the side. The BBQed chicken, a typical Lebanese dish, was very well done and tasted heavenly.
    Although the experience at Frida was a very very nice one and the food tasted GREAT.. I walked out feeling a little disappointed. I went there expecting a more fusion mexican experience, I was presented a traditional Lebanese flavor fiesta, with a dash of jalapenios for garnish.
    Frida is worth the visit, but don't expect something out of the norm or something latin... except the music and water juggs.
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  • by Naourez   38 reviews, 154 helpful votes.
    Mar 19, 2012 at 10:09

    I liked Frida as the atmosphere was warm and the service was professional.
    Regarding the food, it wasn't transcendent : some dishes were good (Frida hommos, kibbe in cherries, lawziyeh bil ashta) and some others were average (mixed grill, makanek in jalapenos, ras asfour in pomegranate molasses).
    I didn't feel that it was too expensive.
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  • by patrick hanna   1 review, 1 helpful vote.
    Jun 9, 2014 at 18:05

    The best grilled shrimps ever!
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  • by MB   1 review, 0 helpful vote.
    Jun 20, 2013 at 23:37

    Yes, Frida has dome great dishes like Kebbe in cherries and the Fahita but others are really average like Mixed grill that was really expensive for so little!
    But after eating in Frida, we all got poisoned from the bad food quality! And when we called to let them know that we got food poisoning for eating in Frida, the guy on the phone was like: you probably got a virus or you got sick! Surprisingly we all got sick and caught a virus the same day, right?
    P.S: I am studying food science and my friends are medical lab students so we know when we are food poisoned!
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Call them

Phone Number: 01 333 226   or 03 808 358

Website: http://www.fridacuisine.com/

Opening hours

Mon - Sun: 12:00 pm - 12:00 am

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Shukri al Asli street, Al Hayek sector, Achrafieh

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