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Reviews by WJBM

  • Classic Burger Joint  
    • Great place, great food, great taste, great atmosphere. I'll give it a 10/10.
      PS: I am loyal to CBJ, you rock guys.
  • Green Carrot Saladworks  
    • I did it once, but I'll be thinking twice before re-trying it. The waiter keeps forgetting our order, and once i thought he got it, he brought me something I didn't order.
      I totally understand that this is a new restaurant, but they need some experienced waiters I believe.
      But to be honest the ginger soup is GRRRREAT. I am ready to forget all the mistakes just to go back and have that soup...
  • T-marbouta  
    • It was awesome, I went there a while ago with my friend. The ambiance in great, I'll keep going there indeed (y).