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  • Diwan El Hassoun  
    • One of the finest places for a family gathering... Maybe a bit of a long drive yet it's worth the food and taste.
      Many things to offer and nothing which you can say less than excellent. Great price for such quantity, and the Beid Awarma: just perfect.
      Keep it up!
  • Zaatar w Zeit  
    • It started one of the best places to go after coming from a late night party, for lunch, even for breakfast when waking up early... It was a place where people preferred it over "Knefe" late night.
      Sadly with time, everything changed, mainly talking about the food and the pricing. The staff still is friendly and that is a good thing for now, but last time I visited ZWZ, I was sad to say that the food quality changed in addition to the sky rocketing prices. Guys you are selling a mankoushe! People loved you for the great food and great prices...
      I ordered a "hotdog w jebne". Seriously, half a hotdog portion is not what I was waiting for... and the pricing... around 5$ for a hotdog w jebne! And not as expected...
      I agree with Xriss Jor, some people don't care what to eat, yet some people do judge the place by quality and price. Word of Mouth marketing is what works best to attract new customers.
      Sorry to say, i think twice before going into ZWZ. Hopefully you can make this better with time...