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  • Brisk  
    • The moment I entered the shop I was impressed that they serve organic food and have a waste recycling station. My big disappointment was when I got my food in a plastic container and was provided with plastic spoons and forks.
      Flash news: plastic serving hot food leaks a carcinogen into the food known as dioxin!!!! So practically food at brisk is not as healthy as promoted.
      Second, what's with the use of plastic ware??? Totally unenvironmentally friendly. What about using normal reusable products? At the end of the meal I headed toward the recycling station, another shock everything that is not organic goes into the same bin (even nonrecyclables).
      When I talked to the branch manager about how environmentally wrong the practices were and recommended (free of charge) ways for improvement, his reply was, well did you like the food? !!!
      Well it seems to me that he wasn't even listening. Guess what, even the food was not worth it.
      In general, brisk was a disappointing experience overall.