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    • Dear Darine,
      I am sorry for your disappointment and for the lack of response you got from our side, and I hope I am not replying late.
      Brisk is both Natural (100 % preservative free food) and Fast. To be prompt and fast, we are limited to serve food in disposable material instead of reusable.
      We tried our best to source biodegradable packaging material, but the Lebanese market lacks resources. However, we made sure to source recyclable packaging material, and we installed our recycling stations and all the packaging that goes inside goes to Sukomi, the sister company of Sukleen, that takes care of the recycling operation.
      As for the containers we use for hot dishes, we can guarantee that they sustain heat and are food grade and do not leak toxic material to food.
      You also raised an issue about our recycle bins, and you had suggestions to improve our environmental practices. We would love to hear what you have to say and we would like to apologize again for the lack of response you got . So if you don't mind, kindly send your contact details to .