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Reviews by tony

  • Ô Japon  
    • Each piece has a different size. Bad sushi preparation, not clean.
  • Na3na3  
    • Hello, it is my first time here in lebanon and my first restaurant I visited was NA3NA3. It is a big shame when a community like NA3NA3 doesn't pay its employmees their money whatever the causes were. I really don't know how people think... are all the restaurants like NA3NA3? If they were I would go back to the UK and never come back to Lebanon.
  • Babel  
    • Great place to be and a great place to spend your time in Lebanon if your visiting your family... Clean place, tasty food menu, affordable prices, you think you are dinning in a 5 stars hotel... I will be back as soon as I come to lebanon.
  • Mon Maki a Moi  
    • Below average food and poor service.
  • The Chocolate Lounge  
    • It is really a great experience for chocolate lovers parallel with an amazing selection of starters and a great taste of platters.
      Lovely and very friendly staff. Please work on a better music. Good luck.