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Reviews by Omar Kheir

  • The Original Car Wash Cafe  
    • I have tried this place couple times for argile and a car wash and it was not bad. But, when i decided to have dinner one night there, the food quality was very poor and anything but tasty. Not to mention that the service as well should be much much better..
  • Zahr El Laymoun  
    • I haven't tried their food but for argile lovers, don't expect much. Maybe this is becoz they focus more on their kitchen as i concluded from previous review.. Generally speaking, it is a relaxing place, not crowded at all, worth trying with group of friends who dont take narjile :)
  • I Like  
    • I went to this place once and left in 5 minutes..
      I wonder how Souad (the reviewer) said so :)
      Needs another eye guys
  • Republic  
    • I love this place. Whenever I want to go out, I sit in my car and it drives me there. The food, service, and of course argileh are exceptional. I tried the facing cafe (square) once and regreted it. You will feel like at home with their very good service.