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  • Republic  
    • Visited Republic restaurant last week with my friends. The menu items were all over the place, my friends and I couldn’t establish an identity for this restaurant.
      The variety of the food was beyond comprehension! The quality of the food was terrible lacked creativity and flavors. Food took over 30 minutes and was cold!
      Servers were arrogant and inattentive to the needs of the guests.
      The restaurant is way overstaffed some servers just bumping into each others.
      My friend ordered a pizza and there were ants on the board!!! Disgusting!!! mixed grill was way overcooked and the artichoke dip was like a soup. TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE.
      The manager was nice though, he kept apologizing.
      He offered to bring one of the owners to the table and the owners.
      The owner approached the table. He ate from our plates with his fingers… He kept apologizing like a broken record then he offered a complimentary dessert “One” and we were Five lol Terrible!
      I won't recommend this restaurant to anyone. Such a waste! Beautiful building, very poorly operated.