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  • Enab  
    • Was not worth it, we went there for anniversary with table of 12, took the formule of $35. Food was norm and very little (way basic), hommos, baba ghanouj, taboule, fattouch, labneh, chicken liver, makanik, Sojok,batata harra, kibbeh fried, kibbet batata, warak inab, lahmeh ras asfour, rakakat. If you were to read the list above then u would think it is a lot, but remember this is very basic in lebanon with small quantity and 35$ each, what happened to the grilled halloum, the different salad type, the sambousik or bastirma, etc. we ended up with 2 bowl of tabouleh and fattouch, two plates of fried kibbeh with 4 pieces in each (12 people we were), same for rakakat. and then it was the shocking news, mashawi were 2 plates as you expect for formule (1 plate per 4), but then we found out that each plate has 1 shish tawook, 1 kafta, 1 meat), it was an embarrassing moments on an anniversary. I can say the servers/waiters are really nice to give them a credit. we paid 728000 LBP because we ordered kibbeh nayeh extra :( and 10 beers, ""5 with no alcohol and 5 with""). What a WASTE and wish we went to Babel as initially planned, but some people wanted to try this a new place, well got served well.