Farah   5 reviews, 11 helpful votes.

Reviews by Farah

  • Alia  
    • Amazing place, great service, delicious food and tasty plat du jour.
      Must try the oriental sweets done in a very special and non traditional way!
  • Monks  
    • Monk is a lovely restaurant.. I love it but when I first went there the pieces where bigger now they are getter smaller but still tastes good.
  • Oceanus  
    • Oceanus is the best sushi place ive been to in Lebanon, fresh, clean, very tasty and not expensive at all. Best experience ever. If you want to go you have to reserve because you will not find a place to sit. I LOVE OCEANUS.
  • The Chocolate Lounge  
    • Well to me it was a normal experience, nothing special.
  • Bella Napoli Pizzeria  
    • My favorite place... It became a tradition in the family to go there on special occasion... Cozy, delicious and comfortable!