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    • Today I ordered tomato soup and mozzarella pasta salad from Brisk at 12:55... 50 mins later I am left waiting for a simple and easy to prepare meal so at 1:45 I call Brisk. The lady informed me that since my order wasn't there it must be on its way. 20 mins after the previous call, I call back because surprisingly I didn't get my order. The lady apologized and said she'll call me back in 2 mins after she checks up with the driver.
      Again, 10 minutes pass and I didn't receive the call.
      So at 2:28 (an hour and a half after I placed my order) I canceled my order. The operator seemed happy I did.
      This said, right after I hung up and placed another order somewhere else, Brisk's delivery man walked in.
      Let me take this opportunity to advise the brisk team on how to handle such 'problems' or 'issues',
      1) Don't misplace someone's order.
      2) If #1 happens, and IF the customer calls again, remedy the problem with all haste (as such business rely on customer satisfaction and loyalty)
      3) If #1 happened and #2 didn't, then Brisk management should train their employees on key-telephone skills
      4) Brisk management should also choose employees with better problem solving skills; if the employee had noticed that my order wasn't place the second time I called, she could have managed to deliver it with the other order.