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Reviews by steve

  • Babel  
    • Great food. Hostess at babel zaytouney bay was extremely rude and arrogant. Please don't hire little girls as hostesses. Get a proffesional maitre to greet people
  • Petit Café  
    • Avoid all Petit Cafe places. Worst food, worst service, rude employees, everything sucks including arguilleh
  • Warde  
    • outstanding
  • Yasamine  
    • great place, great servcei, great food, owner always there to make sure everyone is happy
  • Bay Rock Café  
    • worst place ever. Worst food and worst service. Dont even go there. Unless u just want to llok at the view
  • Abdul Rahman Hallab  
    • Outstanding place. Always open the box and check prdouct. Never trust a closed box unless they pack infront of you. Always look at your recipt everywhere