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  • The Dubliner  
    • Nice restaurant, but the concept is quite stange... Dubliner = Irish = Pub + Beer + Whiskey... And here we have a classy restaurant with tables, sofas... and no ambiance. Anyway service was perfect, and food exquisite, chicken wrapped with bacon, extra! With a real Irish pub ambiance, it will be awesome!
  • O & C  
    • Nothing to say about O&C, by reading the comment by "Pascalew", I realize that I experienced the same bad dinner! I thought that maybe it was a bad day for O&C, but it seems to be an habit there to treat customers like that...
  • Pierre and Friends  
    • A must. Tried it in summer and in winter, both seasons are wonderful at P&F. The only place you can watch surfers in winter, smoking arguiléh, eating chiche taouk and labné, ending with a fondue au chocolat. And I am decided to buy a surf now!
  • La Crêperie  
    • Good service, stunning view, but the food was a bit disappointing... crepe salée, crepe sucrée, even the cidre was not so good! maybe we went on a bad day..
  • Jardins de Chine  
    • At first I found th eplace very nice, fountains, lights, etc... but by looking at the age of the customers and the obsolete decorations, I found that this place would surely have been better before. food was ok, sans plus.
      Average experience
  • Zaatar w Zeit  
    • hi,
      just for the wrap Halloum w bacon I like to go there! Some good recipes make it for me a must when i need some good food quickly,instead of Mc Do and BK.
      service is good most of the time. Jeff
  • Classic Burger Joint  
    • Ok, it is burgers, again, but it is good burgers! Fresh food, clean polace, quick and smily service, and no smoking allowed: you need a burger, go there!