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Reviews by Charbel09

  • Il Sorrentino  
    • Not bad, not huge... it reminds me the BISTRO ROMAIN restaurant chain in France. Hard to define, but the lack of ambiance compared to some other Italian restaurants of Gemmayzéh makes me prefer the Gemmayzéh restaurants, even if Il Sorrentino is a good restaurant.
  • Kopanjang  
    • WONDERFUL! Their Thai cuisine is exquisite, and prices are worth it! Perfect service, good quality, good quantity... only one remark: please bring us some baguette, pita, khebbez, nan or anything to eat these wonderful three red and green sauces you bring us as a starter!!
  • Stop & Shop  
    • First time I eat at Stop & shop, and good surprise. We were about to buy food, and we ended finally at their restaurant. Good service, good food, nice place. Under the veranda it was a bit cold when we went there, but I guess they will correct this minor problem!