Pasteur Street, Gemmayzeh. Pasteur st. is parallel to Gouraud st, highway side. The restaurant is almost over Charles Helou station.


The Gathering – Gemmayzeh

Three restaurants: Italian, Wine Bar and Steakhouse Gathered Around a Lovely Courtyard

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Gemmayzeh, Beirut


Between 18$ and 55$

Review by Souad

The Gathering is an original concept gathering three different restaurants around a lovely courtyard. AnĀ ItalianĀ restaurant, a butcher steakhouse and a wine bar are hosted in three old Lebanese houses splendidly renovated. The places are cozy with small rooms and stone carved walls. Each restaurant can host up to 35 guests. The common terrace is very tempting especially for a lunch under a blue sky.

The Gathering defends environmental causes: most the ingredients are organic coming from the Lebanese farms and the restaurants sort their waste and send them to recycling firms. No reservations are accepted at the restaurant (first arrived, first served).

We tried the Italian gathering, the cuisine was delicious, the service was friendly and professional and the bill was affordable. We haven’t tried the Americanized steakhouse nor the wine bar yet, but we are tempted to do it.

We definitely recommend The Gathering for a different dining experience in the Lebanese restaurants scenery.

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Three restaurants with three menu: Italian (starters, pizza, pasta, meat plates…), Wine bar (cheese platters…) and Americanized steakhouse

Suitable for vegetarians. Serves alcohol.

Good to know

Smoke-free restaurant. Has a terrace. Recommended for families, friends and romantic diners.



Pasteur Street, Gemmayzeh. Pasteur st. is parallel to Gouraud st, highway side. The restaurant is almost over Charles Helou station.

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2 Reviews

  • by lillyk   1 review, 12 helpful votes.
    Oct 2, 2012 at 00:16

    The place is so charming. Every thursday we (a group of 6) go for the wine presentation at the upper floor. Louis the oenologue is just amazing, patient and very informative. Every week he explains about a new region, the wine produced, its characteristics, the vineyards...etc. We try the wine related to the presentation and we enjoy the good Gouda, charcuterie and pizza they offer along the wine. After the "degustation" we go to the yard for dinner, and we have been impressed everytime by the courteousy of the waiters and friendliness. The food is far from being described...simply succulent.
    Two thumbs up for the concept and the whole experience.
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  • by CindyPat   1 review, 11 helpful votes.
    Sep 2, 2012 at 19:23

    I would definitely not recommend this restaurant. As much as I liked the concept of having 3 different settings or different cuisines, with a shared terrace, however many factors affected our dinner experience negatively. The service was NIL, with very bad attitude from the waiters in addition to the manager who was not helpful at all. We sat in the steakhouse section on the balcony, where it was extremely hot and humid and I am pregnant. we begged to have the airconditioning on or a fan, all they kept saying was they don't have, and since we are a big group there is no place to accomodate us inside where they had the airconditioning on. At the end of the night when new waiters took over, they turned on the AC and we found out that they had airconditioning but they were not turning it on (for reasons we could not tell).
    We were given the menues of the steak house and then they gave us the italian restaurant menues. after selecting what we would like to eat and after we chose amixture of main dishes form the steakhouse and the italian restaurant, the waiters inform us that we cannot order from the italian restaurant. After a huge debate, the manager allowed us to order appetizers ONLY from the italian restaurant which after another debate they allowed us to add Pizza. This was very strange, since if we can order appetizers and pizze why nnot order pasta too in addition to the rest of the order from the steakhouse restaurant. The whole experience was a disaster and I would NEVER visit the place again. The minimum basic is to have a decent service which was not provided.
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Call them

Phone Number: 01 566 196

Opening hours

Mon - Sun: 12:00 pm till 12:00 am

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Pasteur Street, Gemmayzeh. Pasteur st. is parallel to Gouraud st, highway side. The restaurant is almost over Charles Helou station.

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