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Zaatar w Zeit

Modernized Man2ousheh and International Fast Food for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

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Delivery, Sodeco, ABC Ashrafieh, Bliss, Zalka, Jeita, Kaslik, Le Mall Dbayeh, Jbeil, Gemmayzeh, Beirut City Centre, Hamra, Verdun


Between 10$ and 20$

Review by Jean

Zaatar w Zeit is the Lebanese fast-food to try. Open since 1999, they aim to satisfy the need of the many to eat good Lebanese manousheh!

Lot of different flavors are available on top of a Saj or Manousheh, of course you’ll find the traditional zaatar and cheese, but also chicken and other original ideas. They also serve a bunch of modernized mezze and dishes.

All branches provide comfortable environment, where I like to enjoy a quick lunch. Notice that the prices rose a bit lately, making it a bit expensive for what they serve.

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Man2oush, Saj, salads, sandwiches, fakhar, pizza, burgers…

Suitable for vegetarians. Serves alcohol.

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Recommended for families and friends.



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14 Reviews

  • by Xriss Jor   1 review, 20 helpful votes.
    May 15, 2010 at 10:55

    I started off by loving ZWZ more than anything in the world. In Comment Cards at other restaurants My Fav. Restaurant was always ZWZ... but due to the change in the menu, and the gradual getting worse after midnight in the long run, I have started to go there less & less. One last time I went there and swore to never go there again was a few weeks ago when I took a couple of Irish tourists there. Our experience was not only embarrassing for me, but the waiters there embarrassed themselves. Service sucked, food was burned and very very late. Water was great though!
    I was so disappointed at everything there... I also got a call from a ZWZ G.M. who sent a free lunch to my family and I, she was hoping that would remedy the situation but it just made ZWZ look bad...
    It was one of the greatest ideas that Lebanon has come up with but god damn man!!! What the hell happened to it! It's like my loyalty to it got a big fat slap in the face.
    Pull ur **** together man!! :( Be the ZWZ everyone loved & adored in the past... and bring back mashed potatoes with boiled eggs & na3na3!
    Thank you, hope this was constructive criticism for you
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    • Reply by Zaatar W Zeit,
      Sep 3, 2010 at 14:31

      Dear Xriss Jor,
      We know that we read this article and your comment a bit late, but nonetheless we'd really like to apologize for the bad experiences you had in our restaurant.
      We'd be grateful if you could send us your mobile number to this address (marketing[at]zaatarwzeit[dot]net) so that our Customer Experience Department calls you and get all the necessary details.
      Again, we'd really appreciate your help and apologize for the unfortunate events.
      Thank you for your constructive criticism.
      Zaatar W Zeit Team

  • by Boull   2 reviews, 23 helpful votes.
    Sep 7, 2010 at 15:07

    It started one of the best places to go after coming from a late night party, for lunch, even for breakfast when waking up early... It was a place where people preferred it over "Knefe" late night.
    Sadly with time, everything changed, mainly talking about the food and the pricing. The staff still is friendly and that is a good thing for now, but last time I visited ZWZ, I was sad to say that the food quality changed in addition to the sky rocketing prices. Guys you are selling a mankoushe! People loved you for the great food and great prices...
    I ordered a "hotdog w jebne". Seriously, half a hotdog portion is not what I was waiting for... and the pricing... around 5$ for a hotdog w jebne! And not as expected...
    I agree with Xriss Jor, some people don't care what to eat, yet some people do judge the place by quality and price. Word of Mouth marketing is what works best to attract new customers.
    Sorry to say, i think twice before going into ZWZ. Hopefully you can make this better with time...
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  • by Aziz   25 reviews, 159 helpful votes.
    Feb 1, 2012 at 04:58

    I'm kind of embarassed to be writing this at this point. ZWZ keeps disappointing me. Its seriously one of my FAV places to hang out at... yet they keep making it harder for me to stay loyal to them. Everytime I make a complaint, I get an apology from the manager or even a call from the costumer serves and get offered a free meal in hopes it would make me change my mind. I never once used the vouchers they generiously send because I have a rule against that simply because I get offered a lot of free meals and I dont like to seem subjective in my reviews or comments beacuse of that. I just put things behind me and hope for the best. Last time I went with my friend at about 3 am. The place was almost empty because it was midweek and people were not clubbing. We ordered tea and a Zaatar manoushe for a friend that was to be joining us. 30 mins later... we had to remind on of the waiters that we were still waiting for the order. He said that its done and he will get it right over...... then he turned to the waiter that took our order and asked him what "those" (hol) ordered. I politily pointed out that "those" ordered two teas and the manouche. He gave a stupid smile and said yes yes i know. few mins later the tea arrives with the manager following while we were half way through our tea. he apologized and said that its all on the house. We finished and were ready to leave when the waiter walked with the bill. We paid and I filled a complaint card. I got the usual call and apology and vouchers which like always end up in the trash bin. I went again 2 days ago with a friend after a long night of work for a quick bite before we each go home....... DISASTER!! If the staff is sleep deprived.. then please for God's sake.. let them go home!! The order came LATE, then BURNED!!!!! I simply took my things.... asked for the bill, refused to complain or comment and left.... FOR GOOD this time. SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME!!! I hope they DONT call this time.
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  • by Napkin   5 reviews, 20 helpful votes.
    Nov 26, 2010 at 20:11

    Once upon a time, ZWZ used to be my favorite place, awesome food at great prices... I don't know what happened but i haven't eaten in a ZWZ for 4 yrs now, menus have changed, portions have gotten smaller, prices got higher. Even the food I once craved at any time of the day became more tasteless... I reallyyyy was disappointed. ZWZ has become like any other international food chain, mediocre but convenient food at somewhat still acceptable prices. I guess a lot of people still like going there be it in Lebanon, dubai or anywhere, but I'm sure they didn't know this place when it first opened.
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  • by Sam   1 review, 2 helpful votes.
    Dec 16, 2010 at 10:54

    I agree with all above! Last week I went to ZWZ at around 1:30 am with my wife.
    Despite that there was only 4 customers in the place it took them about 20 minutes to get us our orders. The food was cold and burnt not to mention the hefty bill that I got for a minimal order (Sh... t man if i want to pay a small fortune for couple of sandwiches one salad and 2 sodas better to go and dine in a 5 star restaurant).
    I am so disapointed from ZWZ because it was my favorite place to hang around with my friends and now it is becoming less tasty, less friendly and very expensive. Please do something in order to fix up things pronto!
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  • by Jeff78   7 reviews, 29 helpful votes.
    Jan 11, 2011 at 23:18

    just for the wrap Halloum w bacon I like to go there! Some good recipes make it for me a must when i need some good food quickly,instead of Mc Do and BK.
    service is good most of the time. Jeff
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  • by zaki jbara   1 review, 1 helpful vote.
    Mar 9, 2011 at 09:48

    Best food ever made. woooooaaaaahhhhh!
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  • by Dana   2 reviews, 5 helpful votes.
    Sep 16, 2010 at 17:20

    I found two hairs in my fries and another in my sandwich that made me hate this place although I used to eat at it all the time. It was Bliss Branch.
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  • by Dr.E   3 reviews, 7 helpful votes.
    Jul 22, 2012 at 23:08

    Great taste, great prices, and good service.
    You should definitely try the kaftaa and the halloum bacon sandwiches...
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  • by Pascalew   23 reviews, 116 helpful votes.
    Sep 5, 2010 at 14:26

    Love hallumi bacon + chicken bi3ajine but a bit less the fattouche!
    The food is great but service is sometimes bad.
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  • by Christelle   1 review, 1 helpful vote.
    Oct 28, 2011 at 00:43

    Everybody makes mistakes ... I just want to say that your food taste great and you have a very nice service, keep up the good work. Thank you.
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  • by Samm   2 reviews, 15 helpful votes.
    Dec 9, 2012 at 03:32

    Usually i order at least 3 times a week from zwz. My favorite place for good clean food. Tonight zwz proved that the food can be dramatic! French fries 100% heated in microwave. Instead of parsley Falafel had trees, the chef didn't bother to clean it. Total disaster! 2 waiters for whole section; hygiene below zero yet floor manager was friendly. Had to mention these details since I was a big fan. Not anymore since a good restaurant is judged when its full house.
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  • by Zaatar W Zeit   2 reviews, 2 helpful votes.
    Sep 28, 2010 at 11:40

    Dear Boull, Pascalew and Dana,
    First of all we would like to apologize for all the unfortunate incidents you encountered at ZWZ. Secondly, and as stated above, we'd be grateful if you could please send us your mobile number to this address (marketing[at]zaatarwzeit[dot]net) so that our Customer Experience Department calls you and get all the necessary details.
    This is of great importance to us.
    Thank you,
    Zaatar W Zeit team.
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Delivery only!

Phone Number: 1523


At Sodeco Square, enter Ashrafieh, direction Sassine, you’ll see Zaatar w Zeit on your right after 200m.

Phone Number: 01/611488

ABC Ashrafieh

Phone Number: 01/200568


Hamra, Bliss street

Phone Number: 01/365778


On the autostrade between Antelias and Nahr el Mott.

Phone Number: 04/714504


On the Jeita road towards Ajaltoun, after NDU and le Charcutier Aoun

Phone Number: 09/211474


In the interior road of Kaslik, between Georges Farah and petit café

Phone Number: 09/831601

Le Mall Dbayeh

Phone Number: 04/521 978


On the highway direction north

Phone Number: 71/604758


Gouraud street, facing the police station

Phone Number:

Beirut City Centre

Level 2 – 003, BCC, Hazmieh, Damascus road.

Phone Number: 01 284 237


Hamra, main street.

Phone Number: 71 544 338


Centre Dunes, Verdun

Phone Number: 01 789520



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