About Ta3mini

Ta3mini has one aim: to allow Lebanese to easily find the best restaurants in the country and express their opinion about them.

Ta3mini tells you everything about restaurants: price, photos, location, phone numbers, menu, etc. Our small team is travelling the country to try and review for you every single restaurant.

You too, let the world know about your favorites, talk and discuss with people and discover new places or hidden jewels that our beloved Lebanon hosts so well. Ta3mini was created by Fovea.cc, but is open to every one to participate!

How to be listed?

Would you like your restaurant to be discoverable in Ta3mini.com? Please send us the following information by email to contact@fovea.cc:

  • Restaurant name
  • Location
  • Type of cuisine
  • Price range
  • Brief summary of the menu
  • How to get there?
  • Phone number(s)
  • Opening hours and days
  • Delivery (yes/no)
  • Alcohol (yes/no)
  • Website (if any)
  • Location on a map (optional)
  • Logo (optional)
  • Pictures (optional)
  • Word of owner (optional)

We will then do the rest.