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  • Frida  
    • I called and made reservations, I arrived and I was greeted by a big smile. I was lead to a nice side corner table. I sat... and the trip began.
      Frida is one of the nicest places I've visited this year. The decor is fresh, warm, and inviting. The music is very relaxing and appropriate to the general mexican/arabic ambience of the place. Haneen singing to you and the menu between your hands makes you tingle even before you taste the food.
      The menu offers plenty of choices, yet sadly not much latino flavors were added. The dishes were too "Lebanese" for the place to stand out. I insisted on trying every plate which was the restaurant's speciality. The fish came creatively wrapped and cooked in vine leaves, very succulant with flavors bursting festively in your mouth. Yet what was supposed to be a mexican dish tasted a lot like the traditional "samke harra" dish with a different presentation. Maro'o Frida chicken wraps where just a new presentation of the traditional chicken and potato fries sandwiches with garlic. Frida's potatos were simply grilled potatoes with chedder cheese on top with a scoop of sour cream on the side. The BBQed chicken, a typical Lebanese dish, was very well done and tasted heavenly.
      Although the experience at Frida was a very very nice one and the food tasted GREAT.. I walked out feeling a little disappointed. I went there expecting a more fusion mexican experience, I was presented a traditional Lebanese flavor fiesta, with a dash of jalapenios for garnish.
      Frida is worth the visit, but don't expect something out of the norm or something latin... except the music and water juggs.
  • Paul  
    • I sat at the corner entrance of Gemmayze with my laptop and started clicking away finishing few things before my day starts. An orgasmic buttery scent quickly got me distracted. A croissant melted in my mouth with a million St.Paul church ringing in my ears with every Edith Piaff song ... an express parisian trip that starts and ends with every bite of that amazingly well baked breakfast suitable for Gods!! I wish I can meet that PAUL guy personally and french kiss him for this place. I'm addicted and totally in love!!!
  • Cafe Rawda  
    • Basic and Simple is the best way to describe there. Go with friends.. enjoy a warm sunny day by the sea. Don't go expecting much because you will not recieve it. Average food and drinks. Only reason to go there is to enjoy the sea and the fresh air. Service is very very poor and the food is the last thing I'd go there for.
  • Mini B  
    • Simply BLA. Poor staff, less then average food. Set up is very un-original. Menu very very un-creative. There is NOTHING that would make me go there again. I walked in and walked out totally un-impressed. The prices are not very high, yet still I would expect better quality in both food and service.
  • Classic Burger Joint  
    • People that know me know very well that I'm very strickly ANTI-Junk food. Few months ago I was literally dragged into CBJ. A festival to my taste buds... a parade walked over my tongue... I saw fireworks and heard the hallelujah chorus. Since then, it's on my green allowed list of foods. Last time I visited was at the new Zaitounay Bay branch, cute setup, yet the waiters should be taught that there is a difference between being friendly and tooooooo friendly. The waiters were awfully loud, they were walking around joking and laughing with each other (few curses were heard)... My waiter actually tried talking me OUT of my order because he said it was "too heavy". This place is destined for greatness. I love the idea of how its 100% Lebanese franchise too! I'm in love with the food and crowds attracted there, not keen about the "friendly" waiters.
  • Shtrumpf  
    • Where to start.
      I have visited this restaurant in all its branches many many times. Each time was an exceptional visit.
      The rich salad bar was what kept me going there. Yet lately the quality kept dropping and I'm starting to wonder if this place is still worth visiting. People can definitely get better quality food for this price.
      The signature Shtrumpf burger is a must try so is the divine mushroom soup.
      The managment should keep a serious eye on the restaurants' food quality, variety, and HYGIENE.
      This place is worth a try..... for now.
  • Zaatar w Zeit  
    • I'm kind of embarassed to be writing this at this point. ZWZ keeps disappointing me. Its seriously one of my FAV places to hang out at... yet they keep making it harder for me to stay loyal to them. Everytime I make a complaint, I get an apology from the manager or even a call from the costumer serves and get offered a free meal in hopes it would make me change my mind. I never once used the vouchers they generiously send because I have a rule against that simply because I get offered a lot of free meals and I dont like to seem subjective in my reviews or comments beacuse of that. I just put things behind me and hope for the best. Last time I went with my friend at about 3 am. The place was almost empty because it was midweek and people were not clubbing. We ordered tea and a Zaatar manoushe for a friend that was to be joining us. 30 mins later... we had to remind on of the waiters that we were still waiting for the order. He said that its done and he will get it right over...... then he turned to the waiter that took our order and asked him what "those" (hol) ordered. I politily pointed out that "those" ordered two teas and the manouche. He gave a stupid smile and said yes yes i know. few mins later the tea arrives with the manager following while we were half way through our tea. he apologized and said that its all on the house. We finished and were ready to leave when the waiter walked with the bill. We paid and I filled a complaint card. I got the usual call and apology and vouchers which like always end up in the trash bin. I went again 2 days ago with a friend after a long night of work for a quick bite before we each go home....... DISASTER!! If the staff is sleep deprived.. then please for God's sake.. let them go home!! The order came LATE, then BURNED!!!!! I simply took my things.... asked for the bill, refused to complain or comment and left.... FOR GOOD this time. SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME!!! I hope they DONT call this time.
  • Kashmeer  
    • At a nice corner side location, Kashmeer shines with amaazing food choices that range from indian teriyaki, to french duck and japanese sushi!! All well made and very good in taste. Bar area is almost always busy. The only bad thing I noticed in both my visits was the choice of music. The DJ at that place needs to be changed ASAP!! Perfect for a pre-clubbing place where you can have your dinner with friends then enjoy few drinks before you go someplace where you can seriously hit the dance floor. I loved my time there.
  • Mayrig  
    • My Grandma!! This place just lives up to its name. Divine home made food and traditional arminian dishes. Go with a BIG appetites and high expectations. You will NOT be disappointed.
  • Café Hamra  
    • AMAAAAZING place, great if you dont smoke with separated smoking area and a nice back garden. Everything is satisfactory, from the greeting at the door, to the nice interior, to the nice pile of books and novels to the good food. The servise can get a little slow, yet its always worth it. Try the vegetable soup. perfect if you want to sit with friends and have a chilled evening laughing and chitchating!
  • Laziz  
    • I just couldn't learn to like that place. They for some reason decided to change their image too... (yeah, still no). The food was average, chicken came tasteless, pepsi was served in the old traditional bottles... cute, but it's just that I know that I can get this bottle for 250LL any place in Beirut... so i dont understand why you have to make it soooo obvious that im being ripped off and being asked to pay more than 20 times its real price! Save me the pain!! I was not impressed with anything at that place except the interior. If you feel like sitting in a place the just looks "pretty" regardless of the average fair food, then its your place!
  • Café Em Nazih  
    • Just walk in grab a chair and enjoy the company. Simple no fuss place!! Yes you have to pick up your plate after you eat and take it to the kitchen! But its all part of the charm of that place. Simply SIMPLE!! Old arabic music where anyone might just jump and join the dabke line or give a short innocent belly dance show. Food, Drinks, Service all are average... Yet a MUST TRY chilled experience.
  • Beity  
    • "HELLLL NO" place. Akward location, rude head waiter, awfully trained waiters. BAD food. Ive sadly been there THREE times, each experience has been sadder than the one before. I don't think I'd EVER step foot in that place ever again.
  • Le Chef  
    • A piece of beiruti heritage, nostalgic place that reminds you of the golden times of the 70s in beirut. Food seems almost home made both in the taste and presentation. The food speaks for itself... no need for sophistication. Simple down to earth no fuss place... tourist hot spot and office lunch delivery heaven. Soups, salads and a long lists of daily dishes. Things never get boring. Service is very very simple and friendly to the limit you might feel you want to pick up ur plates yourself. A definit MUST do experience in Beirut.
  • La Tabkha  
    • This place used to be good when it opened. Now its prices keep going up... You are forced to buy a MEAL and not just the plate. The dine in experience is just horrific when extremely poor service and shabby interior that is in desperate need of touch ups and fixing.
      Food is becoming increasingly disappointing in its taste and quality. Website always seems to have problems. When you call you sometimes get very rude girls answering you and keeping you waiting till they finish whatever they are discussing with the delivery boys. Deliveries often get delivered to wrong addresses. It wouldnt be my first choice of places to visit... if I'd visit again or order in.
  • Misk  
    • This place is simply ADORABLE. I always visit the Sassine branch. The staff is always friendly, smiling and very very pleasant. The food is always good. Quiet and classy. Makes it ideal to sit , work, sip of a cup of coffe and enjoy a snack.
      Please BE tempted to try all kind of sweets they have if you happen to have a sweet tooth.
  • Twin Box  
    • Horrible service!!! I dont think I have ever met any staff in any place around the world which is less qualified to serve people!! EVERYTHING was always late, including tea, hot water and a tea bag. How much time would it need? The food is good and the presentation is fairly impressive. Don't ever be tempted to try the deserts. After I gave that place many chances to prove itself, I finally gave up. That place is simply a NO NO for me now.
      The good food will never tempt me to overlook the HORRIBLE service they have. Shame.
  • Feniqia  
    • This place is one of Byblos's most amazing hidden secrets. Forget the horrible service and the very arrogent owner... go for the food!!!
      The experience will start with you sitting in a very nice restaurant with unique warm antique style interior. Even the toilet is nice!! You will be greeted with peanuts and a nice glass bowl for the nut sells. Very cute... but wait it gets better. Shortly after, the waiter will arrive with a peice of wood that fits perfectly in a groove in the table, it holds the cutest mini hot "saj" with bread, olives, zaatar, labne. The menu is not very creative, yet the food is very good and fairly priced.
      Every visit last summer to the beach in Amchit ended with a late lunch in Feniqia. Again, ignore the service, the food makes the dining experience there very pleasant.
  • Green Carrot Saladworks  
    • A definite MUST TRY!! I simply fell in love with that place, yet sadly it closed!! They are moving to Hamra... Yet I have yet no clue where they opened. I visited the old location several times with many friends whom I made sure get to know the place and try it. The Ginger Carrot soup is simply divine. Salads are always FRESH and tasty. A rich choice of vegetables, cold meats, nuts, cheeses and dressings to pick from. DON'T get toooo crazy with your ingredients, the cost of the salad can easly become ridiculously HIGH for a salad. The owner and manager is almost always there to greet you with her warm pleasant smile making sure that everything is up to your liking.
      If you feel like something good for your health and ur waist line, then this is the place for you. I'm in love!
  • Brisk  
    • I got I very Polite Call from Mr. Carlo, one of the owners of Brisk. He gave me a sincere apology for what happened at Brisk. He invited me to meet with him and talk about what had happened on my last visit to Brisk few months ago. I gladly went over and met Mr. Joseph who was very kind and polite. I was greeted with a big smile and I recieved and heart felt apology for what happened. They proved that they do have great respect towards their costumers and why do honestly aim to please.
      I was offered a free lunch, yet I have a golden rule never to accept free anything from any place I go to so that people wouldnt assume im being subjective at any point. I will definitely visit Brisk some other time and try their soap again, and if it was salty this time, I guess I know who to complain to this time. Hat's off for a good managment team!!
      I will write another review after my next visit to Brisk... Keep up the good work!
  • Nando's  
    • Last time I walked out from Nandos was a YEAR ago.... basically because I was greeted by a cockroch 2mins after I sat down...... enough said.
      The food was never good reason for me to get over my experience and go back for a second visit.
  • Balima  
    • Balima is one of the most quiet and charming places in beirut. In downtown, yet far from all the shopping crowds and loud traffic. Artistic area...designers and creations in the happening. very inspiring.
      Food is simply divine.... yet staff is very very under-trained..... menue is ALWAYS missing items which are not available... and VERY overpriced.
      Its location is the only reason for anyone to want to go there. If its a good meal you are looking for with a FAIR price..... its definitly NOT the place for you.
  • Caffe Pascucci Shop  
    • I walked in to find the place infested with Q-Net people... It was horrible.. they were loud and actually one was rude enough to come talk to me and see if im interested in joining their team.
      I ordered some tea..... it took 15 mins to get there and I needed to remind the waiter TWICE that I wanted extra sugar.
      I didnt know I was walking into QNet headquarters.
      Sad and terrible experience.