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  • The Hangout  
    • I went two weeks ago to the hangout with one of my friend and we really like this restaurant.
      We tried the quinoa salad, the duck breast (magret de canard) and the salmon...very good!
      Besides, the staff is friendly.
  • Margherita  
    • I tried few months ago the branch of Sin El Fil.
      The pizza (pepperoni) was good (I didn't like the big puffy edges) and the pasta (rigatoni alla siciliana with eggplant) was delicious.
  • Fiore  
    • I really liked this restaurant...the atmosphere, the decoration, the service and especially the food.
  • Marinella Trattoria  
    • Marinella is a small italian restaurant with a terrasse.
      It is only opened for lunch (from Monday to Saturday).
      We made a reservation but when we arrived nobody came to welcome us.
      The menu is small with some "plats du jour".
      We ordered one starter (brezaola avec roquette et parmesan) and 2 main courses (Linguine aux langoustines et osso bucco avec risotto).
      The food was good and the service was average.
  • Obi  
    • We ordered the TACO TUNA (slices of tuna with avocado) as a starter and the special OBI platter.
      The sushi was very good...the best I tried.
  • Chopsticks  
    • I tried three branches of Chopsticks: Sin El fil, City Mall and Byblos (which is a franchise).
      In my point of view, the best branch is the one of Byblos (good food and service).
  • Outdoor  
    • I tried last Sunday the open buffet and it was really good.
      Outdoor has a great setting and a playground for kids so do not miss it if you go out with friends or family especially in sunny days.
  • Tartare  
    • Tartare is a small french restaurant with a beautiful decoration and a warm atmosphere.
      The food was delicious (trio de tartare, St Jaques poêlées, raviolis maison aux joues de boeuf braisées crème aux cèpes, confit de canard) and the service was professional.
      Expect a high bill.
  • Seccar Nabet  
    • I really enjoyed the Karaoke night (every Thursday) in Seccar was awesome!
      The food was good...the only dish that I did not like is "kasbit djej bi debes el remen"
  • Julia's  
    • I tried last saturday the main branch of Julia's in Monot and I really liked the food (warm goat cheese salad, spaghetti peppe, linguini tartufo, pain perdu).
      I recommend it.
  • Amarres  
    • As I had a good experience at Couqley, I was eager to go to Amarres and enjoy my diner in Zaitunay Bay.
      I liked the food (octopus salad, duck confit, moules-frites) but it was heavy.
      The terrace was full that day so I was unable to see the boats :(
  • L'Oca Matta  
    • It was very pleasant to be welcomed by the owner of the restaurant with his big smile.
      The food was delicious: the octopus salad, the sea food risotto (paella style), the papardelle with duck and especially the tiramisu (amazing).
      I think that an effort must be made regarding the decoration...I didn't like the red room with the paintings of cows and ducks.
  • Latest Version Diner  
    • I liked the atmosphere and the service at LVD.
      Regarding the food, the homemade mozzarella bars were good and the black angus steak (served with 4 sides) was very tender.
      I tried the 3 different sauces (pepper, mushroom and LVD special)... I recommend the last one.
      The dessert was a big disappointment as the dark forest cake was very dry (not fresh).
  • Goûtons Voir  
    • Goutons Voir is a small french bistro with a warm atmosphere.
      Last saturday, the restaurant was full (in spite of the new law related to the banning of smoking in public places) and the service was slow.
      I tried the sea food risotto and the pain perdu. They were very good.
      The prices are above average.
  • Applebee's  
    • I didn't like their food...I will never come back !
  • Chez Sophie  
    • Chez Sophie is a fine-dining french restaurant which is very expensive.
      I didn't like the atmosphere and the decoration is minimalist.
      The starters were very good (crispy shrimp rolls, salmon tartare) but the main courses were average (braised beef, fried sea bass filet).
  • Roadster Diner  
    • The problem of Roasdster is that the service and the quality of food differ from one branch to another.
      In my point of view, the best branch is the one of Jal El Dib and the worst is the one of Down Town.
  • Momo At The Souks  
    • Momo At The Souks was the talk of the town these last months and I was really excited to discover it.
      I went yesterday to try the iftar menu... It was a wednesday and the restaurant was full.
      All what I can say is wow... I was impressed by everything in the restaurant: the decor (a mix between modern and traditional styles), the food (delicious moroccan dishes such as lamb tajine and couscous) and the service (very professional).
      Not to be missed.
  • Mayrig  
    • I went two times to Mayrig and I really enjoyed my diner there.
      The food was very good and the staff was helpful and professional.
      I highly recommend it.
  • Vapiano  
    • The concept of Vapiano is new and original.
      We ordered a pepperoni pizza and a frutti di mare pasta, they were both good but I don't think I will renew this experience as there are better italian restaurants with the same prices (such as Napoletana).
  • Leila  
    • Leila is one of my favorite Lebanese restaurants. I always go to the ABC Achrafieh branch.
      The food is very good... I recommend it!
  • Frida  
    • I liked Frida as the atmosphere was warm and the service was professional.
      Regarding the food, it wasn't transcendent : some dishes were good (Frida hommos, kibbe in cherries, lawziyeh bil ashta) and some others were average (mixed grill, makanek in jalapenos, ras asfour in pomegranate molasses).
      I didn't feel that it was too expensive.
  • Pasta Di Casa  
    • I read several positive reviews on this restaurant but when I went there I was really disappointed.
      I asked for "al dente" pasta and I got uncooked one. Besides, we usually find shrimps, squids or mussels in the sea food pasta but they only put shrimps and crab.
      The lasagna was not tasty at all and you have to look for the meat inside.
      Very bad experience.
  • Square Café  
    • I went last year to Square Cafe for the first and last time.
      I didn't like the food nor the atmosphere and the service was average.
      The tables were very close to each others, there was too much noise and I suffocated with the nargileh.
  • Nando's  
    • I had a good impression when I went to the City Mall branch for the first time (5 years ago), the chicken was tender and the peri-peri sauce was amazing... But unfortunately the quality has decreased, that's why they closed several branches (City Mall, Zalka Highway).
  • Classic Burger Joint  
    • The burger was good but I didn't like the atmosphere in the Jal El Dib branch (the lighting, the music...).
      Besides, I parked my car in front of the restaurant by myself and I had to pay the valet!
  • Shtrumpf  
    • I went several times to the branch of Achrafieh, the food was good but lately the quality has decreased.
      I think you can find better for the same price. So, I definitely not recommend this restaurant...
  • Crepaway  
    • My favorite branch is the one of Habtoor, which has a very good food and service.
      I always order the same burger : QUEEN'S (swiss and mushroom), it is delicious! I also like their desserts: fondant au chocolat, brownies with ice cream, etc.
  • The Jasmine Room  
    • The Jasmine Room is a fine-dining restaurant... I liked the food, the decor, the service, the atmosphere but it is a little bit expensive.
  • Tsunami  
    • I went to their branch in Jal El Dib and I was totally satisfied... the sushi was fresh and delicious.
      The restaurant is small but cosy and the staff is friendly and professional.
      They have combo platters but only for delivery so you have to choose the pieces from the menu which is more expensive.
  • Sushi Bento  
    • I never thought that the restaurant was so small. Nobody came to welcome us, there was an only empty table so we sat down and waited for the waitress... She came ten minutes later to ask if we made a reservation!
      Nevertheless, the sushi was good.
  • Olio  
    • I went to Olio Le Mall... I liked the pasta (pesto, shrimps with white sauce) and the pizza.
  • Babel  
    • Everything is perfect in Babel : food, service, atmosphere, decoration...
  • Green and Grill  
    • I went yesterday to Green and Grill, we tried the lebanese mezze and mixed grill Iit was good. The staff is friendly but still beginner...
  • Couqley  
    • The quintessential french bistro... I liked the food (steak, tiramisu, ...), the atmosphere, the service... Everything was perfect!
  • Crave Fusion Cuisine  
    • I really liked the food of Crave: new tastes, new dishes... It's really a fusion cuisine.
      I tried the vol-au-vent as a starter, it was amazing!
  • Le relais de l'entrecôte  
    • When I went to "Le relais de l’entrecôte" I was surprised to see the same menu on all the tables... I liked the steak but not the salad... I don't think I will renew this experience.
  • Baytna  
    • Baytouna is one of the best Lebanese restaurants in Lebanon.