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  • Les Fenêtres  
    • Nice place and terrace. Average food. Very overpriced.
  • Café Em Nazih  
    • We visited the place for a Quiz night. The place is very original, a simple small house with a terrace that you can only access through some long stairs.
      The ambiance was casual, welcoming and living. We ordered a few mezze that were good. The staff was friendly but overwhelmed.
      I definitely recommend the place for a simple and festive evening.
  • Le Jardin  
    • Thanks a lot Koko for your review! I updated the iftar formula :)
  • Goûtons Voir  
    • We've been to Monot branch. The place is small with a modern decoration and very low lighting. The temperature however was too low as the AC was set at 16 degrees.
      We ordered a seafood platter, a well done beef filet and pain perdu. The beef filet was presented on a wooden cutting board and was unfortunately burned; the purée was too oily. The pain perdu was Ok but I've tasted better ones in town.
      The service was friendly, caring and fast.
  • Momo At The Souks  
    • While passing by in Beirut souks, we decided to try the restaurant. We went in, asked if there were a table, the girl at the reception said that there are only tables on the terrace that is heated (it was during March). We were tempted by trying the place, so we agreed.
      During the evening, a couple sat in the terrace waiting for their unreserved table inside. The waiter tried to convince them that the table inside was not good, they refused to stay outside, so the waiter agreed to take them in. And during all the evening, half of the tables inside were empty.
      It's a shame from the restaurant to try to fill the terrace before the inside through lying to their clients. As the evening went by, it felt more and more cold and we were really disgusted by the restaurant's policy.
  • Brisk  
    • We visited Brisk for an Iftar. I loved their lentil and mushroom soups, the fattoush was good and main dishes were Ok. The Chocolate divine was really divine.
      My only suggestion is to create a job for cleaning up the tables instead of asking clients to clean up. It's a luxury that a restaurant in Lebanon can afford.
      Otherwise, I love their smoke free environment and their recycling initiative!
  • Sooshi Sooshi  
    • The restaurant is very small and looks like a snack. The service is very friendly. The taste of the sushi and maki is average, some are excellent and some are not that good.
  • The Little Tokyo  
    • It's really subjective, but I did not like adding mayo to my beloved sushis.
  • Bliss House  
    • Bliss is a bless for hungry people. Sandwiches are really tasty and not expensive. Try the famous Philly steak.
  • Assaha  
    • We went there for an eftar. The food was really not enough: they served only one small fattouch for 7 people, there were not enough soup for everyone, one kettle of jellab for all of us. The only thing that was generous was mjaddara and it was not delicious.
      They also insisted on serving the main course while we were beginning with the starters although there were no place on the table. The service in general was rough.
  • The Jasmine Room  
    • The food is excellent as well as the service. I recommend the mushroom beef, it was excellent. However, their valet parking takes 5000 LL even if he didn't move your car! Go their but park your car by yourself ;)