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  • Scoozi  
    • So i want to know who was there first the egg or the chicken? Was it an italian man who didn't know how to cook and went to japan and didn't learn how to cook japanese well? Or was it a japanese man who didn't know how to cook and went to italy and didn't learn how to cook italian?
      Instead of stinking at both cuisines how about you focus all your efforts on one cuisine and actually be good at it?
      Fries stink we actually fry fries that's why it's called fries it was green for god's sake. Low quality sushi. A small quantity of pasta is soaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaked with a huge quantity of Béchamel. And after all this disappointment you have to pay a really big price for those lousy dishes.
      But service was good we should be fair..
  • Karam Beirut  
    • The food stinks and everything leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. Glasses, dishes and cutlery needed further cleaning, it was a horrible experience.
      Location is also miserable all you see is old frequent customers. Waiters look horrible it seems someone cloned them from an old non married man definitly, who dies his head with a really lousy black color and they open their shirts, I mean :s who opens his shirt now. The youngest one was 50 years old not that i wanted them to be young it's just i felt the waiter was about to drop dead before serving our table.