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Reviews by Jean

  • Crepaway  
    • We love the light burgers there.
  • Pasta Di Casa  
    • Simple and cozy. It was excellent the first time we went, average the next. Maybe the cook isn't always the same? Anyway, I recommend.
  • Le Yen  
    • We went there with friends, including a Japanese guest. We all were very satisfied, including him, because he could find some traditional dishes he won't find everywhere. The place is great and their sushis are delicious. Service was quick enough, I wish all sushi restaurants look more like this one.
  • Shtrumpf  
    • I think I won't forget to look for the hair too! Too bad because the food is very good. That is really something we should notify the manager of so he makes sure the chef wears his hat in the future!
  • Bliss House  
    • I just love their sandwiches and cocktails! Prices are low, so it's really a great snack.
  • Assaha  
    • I've been eating at Assaha three times last two years and it was every time great: service and food was good and the place is really unique! I like to bring there my friends which are not used to go to the southern part of Beirut, so they see that there are nice things in this neighborhood. It's a must see!
  • Misk  
    • Unbelievably, this restaurant next to the highway is very charming. Service is pleasant and food is good, which makes it a nice spot for a stop on the way home to Beirut. It surely is a good place!
  • Zahr El Laymoun  
    • I like to eat at Zahr el Laymoun, they really succeeded in bringing something new in the Lebanese cuisine. Not only that it's different from the other restaurants, it's also delicious! The place is never overcrowded, so it's one of my favorite place to enjoy a relaxing lunch or diner with friends and family.
  • Margherita  
    • Pizza and wine were good, the place is nice but a little too small. I'd recommend to give it a try!
  • Public  
    • I loved the roof, with cosy couches and fresh air, far from the noisy street. It's a very nice place to spend the evening.
  • Olio  
    • Ktir tayyib!
      Fresh and tasty pizzas.
  • Le Chef  
    • Good place for tourists to discover some traditional Lebanese dishes.