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  • Feniqia  
    • They tell you it's cheap and lots of food... Well, what they gave me is worth 6,000 LBP and the price was 24,000 LBP. I ordered grill, and they gave me few meat that doesn't pass 150 grams and the salad 3 times the side, which i did not ask for, and has mayonaise inside which I don't eat.
      From the moment I ordered till they gave me the plate, it took them 30 minutes, no joking. As for the dessert, I asked for 2 they said they don't have them. Ok fine... I left...
      Plus, the argile from other smoking people blows in your face from time to time, which sucks.
      Not worth visiting at all, very small place so small kitchen which tells you why they took so long to prepare it, and Africans work in the kitchen. I didn't see a Lebanese cook... for a Lebanese restaurant. that's just cutting costs.
      I advise you Sultan Al Mina, which is on Byblos Mina, it has much better food selection and more delicious and fresh food! The vegetables I tried to eat in Finiqia they have taste of fridge in them: not fresh at all.
  • Mother  
    • Look at the photos here and you see something. When you go there, you see a completely different thing: the restaurant is seriously very small.
      It is situated on the street next to many other restaurants. I wanted to go there with a big group, but when I saw that, I directly forgot about it.