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  • Appetito Trattoria  
    • One star for customer service. 5 star for food. The blonde tall waitress was very rude or maybe doesn't know how to communicate. First, she should not drink while serving customers and I think that is why she was a bit on edge she was sipping white wine. Second, she was washing the dishes when I signalled for her to come very politely, she gave me a look that I didn't understand. Then I signalled again and she gave me a look the third time because I thought she is confused and I was confused too. Then she said " let me finish the dishes first and then I will come" where are we ship's kitchen ? It felt like where is my rum captain kind of ambiance. She could have very nicely communicated with something called "words". She could have said: "busy will be there in a second". So when she finally came, I changed my mind and also my friend from ordering pizza to ordering the cheque. We liked the food very much we wanted to order pizza after we were done with pasta but she really ruined the mood. She gets 5 star for ruining mood of having a good italian food with a friend. Then after I paid, this really got me, but she actually poured the rest of my seven into the glass after i was done with it. Who does that ? What etiquette is that. No tio of course. Please stop hiring people just because they are blonde, hire Lebanese beautiful national men and women who can treat customers with respect and make the dining experience splendid.